Japanese Mom Sex Class for Son

I thought I had a hobby, but recently, when IT was being sought out, my son was using a computer at home in high school, so I decided to do it.

At first, I thought of going to school like that, but I insisted that my son would teach me, so after my housework was all done naturally, I continued to be shown in my son's room.


One night my son pointed to a folder and said, "Do you want to see what's in this?



I just said to my immediate question, "I want to see" because I thought it was all about studying.


The son clicked on it, but what a shady picture appeared on display one after another.

It was all gender entanglement or female genitals exposed.

I couldn't say anything.


Then he said, "How is it? Awesome!"

And he said, "Isn't it also possible for my mother to take a digital camera?"


I left the room silently, stunned.

And for the next two days, I didn't exchange any language with my son.


A few days later, the owner had a motorcycle crash and was transported by ambulance.

Fortunately, there was no death, but I was drunk and had a self-harm accident, so the police heard the situation at the hospital, and as a result, my license was suspended.

He had been hospitalized for a two-month fracture.


And the incident happened that night.


After returning from the hospital, my son said I was preparing for a bath.


"How is your father doing?"

"Yes, I managed to calm down.


"Well, it's going to belong."

"It's going to take me two months, according to my teacher."


"It's long ... but it's good to rest for my father."


After such a single story, I went to the bathroom telling me to take a bath first, but a few minutes later, my son said, "Mom, do you feel like a backflow?"

As expected, I was surprised and said, "No, I'm coming out soon.".



"Well, because I told you to wash now."


"Lie! I don't say that. I said I'm going to come soon."

"I'm not right.




I immediately hid my chest with my hands and stood on my knees, but when I stared at it, my son came around behind me saying, "I'm going to shed my back ..."

Then I started to wash my back with soap and thought I was about to finish, and then I started putting my hands under my armpit.


So I thought it was the limit of patience, and I hurriedly tried to pour hot water, saying "Thank you already, but it was late."


My son suddenly covered my back and grabbed the breast with both hands and rubbed it.


"Mom, it's so soft ..." she whispered in her ear.


"Well, stop it and weird."


"It's good, parent and child."

"Because it's weird to take a bath together until high school."


"That's not the case. My friends still go in with my mother from time to time, and during this time I was asked," What about you? "

"Because ..."


"Anyway, I've always been a target of my sexuality, and a woman of the same class smells the urine, and I'm not motivated."

"Do it, you are ..."


"Oh, sex."


While saying such a thing, his hand gradually extended to my crotch and finally touched that part.

At that moment, I shook my body "surprisingly", but I wondered if my son could understand it silently.

It was a moment.


I was able to put my tongue shortly afterwards and suck my saliva.


"Mom ... can I put it in?"


"Fool! You're a parent and child. Not!"

"Because it's like this ... the limit of patience."


The son took my hand and led him to his own growing thing, which turned and pulsed in heaven so that he could hit his son's belly.

Then, when I pushed down, I lifted my left foot with my right hand, and as soon as I thought I dropped my hips, it was suddenly thrust into me.


"Uh ... I'm sorry."


"Why? Why do you do this? Parents and children ..."

"I'm sorry, but I can't help. I like it... I love my mother."


"Don't give me out, I'm still in her thirties, and I'm in trouble if she gets pregnant

"I know. I need to do this. It feels so good, and the raw feel is the best."


Despite that, the son began to move his hips little by little.


I was not worried.

If you get pregnant,  That's it.


As her breathing became progressively more intense, her son moved faster and shouted, "I'm out!" And he left me, screaming, putting out a lot of semen on my chest.


"Thank you, mom, and it was nice and clean."

"It's a word ... this is incest."


"Yeah, I know. But I need to get pregnant. It's the best pleasure to have sex as a favourite person. I think my mother and my mother go well together."

"Don't arbitrarily decide that. I'm my mother ..."


So I came to an end and gave up if I could only think once, but my thoughts were sweet.

Then once a day, most often in the morning, the relationship lasted almost every day for two months when the master returned.


And when my husband went to work, my son took me to a motel outside the city, and now I'm like a complete slave.


But I wasn't my son's liability, and I still play something like a woman, overcoming my mother's concept.

It is also true that they .are convinced of that.


If you don't even get pregnant,  it might be honest.